A short film spanning a summer in the late adolescence of a sheep shearer in rural England.

Été is the perfect flashback to a few weeks ago when the summer heat was still blazing. In his film, Gregory Oke invites us to spend time with Rhys, a young Francophile sheep shearer in rural England, as he navigates his confusing feelings and people’s expectations. The personal connection of the director to the narrative makes the film all the more compelling and the filmmaking craft turns the 19-minute run-time of été into a beautiful experience.

Set in the idyllic green hills of Herefordshire, against a soundtrack of vintage French rock, Été tells the story of a frustrated young sheep shearer and his growing attraction to a colleague.

The source of seduction, heart of dark magic of a friendship and its doubts, shadows and the tough answer. In same measure, it gives a fine connection between landscapes and music. Good performances , too and beautiful storytelling. A short drama like a seed. Growing up across each scene, proposing a familiar dilemma in refreshing manner and giving good memories , from atmosphere to the tension.

Gay Short Movie - Été ('2017')
Original Title: Été
Country: United Kingdom
Year: '2017'
Cast: 'Dan Partridge, David Burnett and Rhiannon Handy'